COVID-19 put corporate social responsibility in its sights: Lore Guillé

FEMSA Foundation tells us about the actions it has taken against the health crisis that has impacted the world.

Erika Barón

“COVID has given us a lot, it has put us in a condition that nobody I was expecting and although it has been very difficult to live this pandemic, it has given us a great opportunity to show the generosity that exists in the organizations ", indicated Lorena Guillé-Laris.

In an interview for Expok, the current director of Fundación FEMSA , reported that, after a collective social action, FEMSA, OXXO, Santander, Fundación Televisa, Soriana and Grupo Coppel joined forces to protect 90 thousand members of the health personnel who work in 152 hospitals throughout the country, as well as 16 delegations of the Red Cross.

Through the initiative "Contagious Solidarity", these companies have donated

9.3 million medical supplies, exceeding the initial goal and whose final investment amounted to 90 million pesos.

He explained that 10 million The number of pesos of the total generated was through citizen contributions made at ATMs in the Ayuda Santander account during last May and June, as well as contributions to the OXXO Clients Rounding program, carried out in 30% of its stores during June and July. [19659006] "The delivery was possible thanks to the seed fund of the alliance and the generous donations from citizens that were quadrupled by this initiative," he stressed.

Shortly after closing this effort, Gullé-Laris pointed out that each kit delivered it contained 100 masks and 4 masks; the latter elaborated by PTM, a Mexican company dedicated to providing plastic transformation solutions and that is part of FEMSA.

He also indicated that Solistica, also part of the company, was in charge of getting all the supplies to the right hands in a timely manner.

“From the beginning something that seemed very important to us was how to bring a protection team more effectively to a greater number of people, so we made use of internal resources and that is how both subsidiaries helped us to solve it, "he said.

He added that, as part of their actions in favor of the health emergency and in collaboration with the organization AtentaMente, they designed the manual " ABCD Mental health for difficult times "to empower educators.

This is aimed at education professionals of all levels and is intended to be a support when navigating the back to school in times of COVID-19, and includes I tools to identify emotions, regulate them, overcome day-to-day obstacles and approach emotional well-being.

“Some of these tools include meditations and the generation of dialogue between health professionals themselves,” he added.

mention that this tool was supported by a series of online workshops given by Daniela Labra, general director of AtentaMente, in which the importance of socio-emotional education and its implementation during classes was discussed.

Some of the topics that addressed in the workshops are: socio-emotional skills, resilience, implementation with children from early childhood to youth and healthy relationships, and although the live broadcasts are over, they can be accessed through the AtentaMente YouTube channel .

During the pandemic, Fundación FEMSA has also supported with the delivery of food pantries to vulnerable groups, as well as with the edition of a guide for parents and caregivers that encourages positive and organized coexistence with activities that trigger children's development.

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