5 movies to celebrate Grandparents Day

Cinépolis Foundation invites you to organize a marathon to celebrate Grandparents' Day with these five films.

Their stories have the power to transport us to other times, their experiences spread wisdom and their love is unconditional. Grandparents are a fundamental pillar in the family nucleus.

In many places, families take care of them and recognize their value, however, in some countries they decided to dedicate a special day to celebrate all that they contribute. We tell you more!

How does Grandparents' Day arise?

This day is celebrated in some countries with differences in the date, motivation and beliefs. For its part, the United Nations (UN) promotes this celebration at the international level to recognize all adults on October 1.

In Mexico, the National Grandparents Day was instituted in 1994 in the city of Chihuahua, and despite the fact that the term "grandparents and grandmothers" refers to all those older people, more than half are not older adults.

The purpose of this day is to give them the place they are deserve and recognize the weight they have in life and in the family organization chart, as well as raise awareness that being a grandmother and grandfather is not synonymous with old age and that we have the responsibility to take care of, procure and support them.

To celebrate this On this day, the Cinépolis Foundation and its Cinépolis Klic platform launched an initiative that invites you to party from home. So… prepare your snacks and settle in your favorite place!

5 films to commemorate Grandparents' Day

Cinépolis Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Cinépolis, made a special selection of films that are available at its streaming platform Cinépolis Klic. Let's see what they are:

1. COCO (2017)

This beautiful film tells the story of Miguel, a boy whose dream is to be a musician, but his family does not fully share this joy. One day by accident he enters the Land of the Dead, a place where he can only leave if a deceased relative grants him their blessing. Although … better keep an eye on the advance!

2. My grandfather is a danger (2016)

This film shows us how a lawyer decides to go on an adventure with his grandfather, a rude and foul-mouthed former army general, just a week before his wedding. These vacations turn into parties, fights, bars and more.

3. A coup with style (2017)

To continue with the laughter, in this film you will see a trio of friends who, desperate not to be ruined, risk everything and dare to rob the same bank that them took your money.

4. In the last drink (2014)

The fun doesn't stop! Since in this film three older adults will go on a journey to fulfill a friend's last wish and along the way, they will change their idea about their place in the world.

5. A father not so great (2016)

To close this top five, we recommend this film that shows a generational war when an old patriarch, moody and intolerant, is expelled from his retirement home and must live with his son in a hippie community

What did you think of this initiative? Cinépolis Foundation hopes that all moviegoers enjoy this selection, since in addition to this it has various programs focused on supporting older adults.

Bringing the power of cinema to where it is needed

According to Fundación Cinepolis, for approximately 4 decades in Mexico, Grandparents' Day has been celebrated. But, throughout the year he has been in charge of providing help to the elderly. It does this through programs such as:

1. Sight is born from love

This social program contributes to improving the visual health of low-income people who suffer from cataract blindness, attending mostly to older adults.

2. Let's all go to Cinépolis

An initiative whose mission is to share the fun experience of cinema mainly with children and older adults.

Remember that not only on Grandparents' Day we must show our affection and respect for the elderly. Enjoy this marathon!

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